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    Email me to schedule your one hour phone appointment to get answers to your questions through your angels. Maximize your session by reading and honoring the section marked 'YOUR PREPARATION  FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT' below. 

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    Fundamental Questions & Direction

    I had no idea what an Akashic Record was when I met Myla. I was immediately energized when she began providing detailed information about my personal life. I knew right away I could trust the information she was giving me. In one short hour, I got fundamental questions answered I had been wondering about my whole life and direction on where to put my energy right now. Fantastic! 

    Brian  FL

    Love & Support

    My experience of accessing my records with Myla was the perfect, loving verification of the inner guidance that I have intuitively felt, but had yet to feel confident in. With Myla's help as a loving conduit, I have renewed trust in my own intuition and I feel an open-hearted excitement and patience for what is yet to unfold for me in its own divine timing. I scheduled my session to address some angst around not having figured out my unique life's purpose. The session quieted those confused feelings and brought forth increased faith in my own divine guidance. I felt so much love and support for listening to my own intuition that I feel a greater sense of peace as I now move through my life.

    Rachel D  TX 

    Gift for the Searching Journeyer

    Myla is a gift for the searching journeyer. My experience about the beauty of the awesome reading I received from Myla was one of surprise first. Myla started the information part of the reading with a confirmation of thoughts and feelings I had told no one about. That “little voice of gut feelings and intuitive thoughts” had been talking to me for some time about a new adventure…and I sat and listened as Myla confirmed and validated this information. As I sank into the reading and information, I was very aware of the sense of clarity.  I experienced Myla as tapping into my records with an ability that is clean, kind and free of agendas, judgments or personal interpretation—not always an easy task. Myla thank you for sharing your gifts and I will be consulting you again!     Carol  TX

    Clarity & Peace over Difficult Issues

    Myla has a wonderful gift for giving these readings! I feel Myla saw deep into my soul and was able to bring clarity and peace to some very difficult issues. 

    Laurel E, Musician, MI

    Experience changed my life

    My reading with Myla was everything and nothing like I expected. During our phone call I took over 13 pages of notes. In the days and weeks following I went over and reread again and again amazed at the information within. I was given a Forgiveness Prayer that I pray every evening. It is hard to believe these simple words could help me so much. This experience has truly changed my entire life. I am so grateful to Myla and I cannot wait for my next appointment with her.   Thanks, Valerie B.  NC

    After Receiving Answers - Peace

    I would like to thank you, Myla, for the experience I had during an Akashic Record Reading and the peace that I have enjoyed since. I had turmoil in my heart about a rift in my family and my questions were concerned with whether or not I should try to heal this rift. After receiving answers to my questions I felt a peace come over me about this situation. Even though it has been several months hence that feeling of peace has continues and I have been able to maintain the distance from the situation that is healthiest for me.

    Thank you very much for this healing...

    Mary  OH


    Your fundamental questions answered

    I have had such a deep feeling of safety and comfort since my Akashic Records reading with Myla. I feel even closer than ever to my guides, guardians, and angels. I received some very pertinent and helpful insights that I have put to good use in my life. I was especially angel reading surprised by certain terms and phrases that she used which she could not have know had personal meaning to me. Her reading was a very special gift for me that will continue to be of great benefit to me in the future.

    I was profoundly moved by my Akashic Records consultation with you, Myla . You provided me with some very clear guidance about my life, and my path, that absolutely resonated with me. I am also so appreciative of the beautiful meditation you shared. It is powerfully transformative. Thank you, again, for your enthusiastic support, and for sharing with me the wisdom of the Records.


    My Akashic Record reading with Myla was profoundly personal, pertinent and uplifting. Every question and area of concern was thoroughly and compassionately covered, with wonderful suggestions and 'practical advice' that has proven invaluable. I am deeply Grateful for the experience

    Betty C, FL 

    I participated in an Akashic Records Reading with Myla some months ago and found the experience to be very enlightening, informative, validating and helpful. I was given a prayer to say for 31 days to help move myself and my ancestors along spiritually. It was beautiful and very helpful. 

    Thank you, Myla.

    Guidance and inspiration you desire

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Myla for a while now. She is an amazing gifted healer, teacher and therapist. Her work is evolving and growing into some wonderful places. She has started doing Akashic Record Readings and has an stupendous aptitude for this line of work.

    She did a reading for me and was able to open my records with ease and come through with powerful information. She creates a supportive and loving environment. If you are interested in exploring what lies with in your own records, I can highly recommend Myla as the one to hold space for you and take you through this journey.

    Ken B, CO

    The Akashic Record Reading experience was a very calming experience. Calming in that it confirmed some thoughts and answered some questions that I had been having. The experience allowed me to let go of the worries and anxiety and move forward.

    Lynn   TX

    Myla has a real talent for the Akashic records. I have benefited on several occasions from the information she has given me. I have also heard from other people that they felt they greatly benefited from their Akashic reading.


    Happy women friends outside close together.

    It's a gift you give yourself.

    From Group Consult 

    I loved witnessing the devotion and sacredness of Myla's approach to asking our Angels and Masters for guidance. It is truly a moving experience and a blessing. I received such clarity in great detail to move forward on my path and knowing I can't get it wrong. I learned something from everyone's else's’ reading also.

    Much love, and I really love being with you.

    Our experience with Myla in our Consultation covering such diverse topics as our relationship, lovely land with it's multidimensional aspects which effect our home space and possible changes to it brought us timely details that have given us insights into our further direction. Forwarding movement in these areas that bring us joy and happiness. We know that our own vibrations effected what information came through for us. I am especially touched by the insights about myself and my spiritual life.      MF & R 

    Your Preparation for your appointment

    Happy in the arms of love, as held by our angels. Feels warm and comforting.

    For your best results

    Using an ancient sacred prayer your Akashic Records are accessed.  The prayer sets an energetic vibration to your specific name and carries with it for you God’s protection through the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of you, your angels. 

    1. You prepare your questions in advance, in areas of your life that you desire clarity or guidance.  This assists us into the appropriate areas of the Records so that your questions can be answered.   
    2. Your consultations will be by phone, unless other arrangements have been made.   
    3. It is suggested to allow at least one hour for each consultation.   
    4. You will find it helpful to use your heart feelings to evaluate the truth of the information both during or after your consultation.   
    5. Refrain from the use of recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hours before your consultation. Or it can cloud the clarity of the information you receive. 

    Your Akashic Records

    Angel guide with angel wings, in calm state, watching.

    Your Akashic Records

    What are your "records" and how do they work?  Please see blog post on this topic. 


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    We love what happens in an Akashic Record Consult.  The clarity and love felt are awesome.  Reach out to see what we can do for you.  Also we'd love to hear from you after your session in the form of your testimonial.


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