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I had no idea what an Akashic Record was when I met Myla. I was immediately energized when she began providing detailed information about my personal life. I knew right away I could trust the information she was giving me. In one short hour, I got fundamental questions answered I had been wondering about my whole life and direction on where to put my energy right now. Fantastic!


The most important connection I had through the records and working with Myla was my dad and grandmother and the love and support I felt directly from them to me. It was immediate and I could feel their loving presence in my heart. It was especially wonderful because both have left the earth many years ago.

I was amazed at how many questions and answers were presented in the one hour Myla consulted my records. Truly a blessing and I'm still benefiting from the guidance I and my family received. Thank you guides and Myla for allowing this wonderful work to flow so effortlessly.


2nd consultation with Myla
During my first consultation with Myla in my Akashic Records I knew I wanted more time devoted to one special topic so we scheduled it. During my second consultation with Myla we were able to look more deeply into my relationship with my 31/2 year old grandson. I was present outside the door when he was born and at two weeks old when I was rocking him he said my name. Fortunately, my husband and daughter were both present in the room so they knew I wasn't "hearing" things. Myla was able to access the records and give me very important guidance for Jack's and my current relationship. To a depth that goes very deep, way beyond counseling and "normal" information. I will be using Myla's access to the record's as I continue to support Jack's evolution on this planet. I recommend her to everyone that is seeking more depth, love and clarity in all their relationships.


Thank you so much for the consultation. It was amazing and uplifting! I think you have a talent for this and more than that, you are a very wise woman, kind and intuitive. I left our session feeling full of hope and inspired to go forth with vision and vigor! I thank you for your intelligence, your unselfishness, and astute abilities!




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30 minutes  $75
60 minutes $150
3-60 Minute Session Bundle
$375 (Prepaid)


If you seek a teacher be sure to have one that keeps the integrity of the sacred prayer leaving it unchanged.  This is an ancient prayer and is held in high regard.  

Myla teaches classes of how to access your own Akashic Records in beautiful Dripping Springs. It is an amazing wonder filled 2 day experience. Call or email to register for your class and change your life.

You will always have access to your own Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones and your Angels.

I have had such a deep feeling of safety and comfort since my Akashic reading with Myla. I feel even closer than ever to my guides and guardians. I received some very pertinent and helpful insights that I have put to good use in my life. I was especially surprised by certain terms and phrases that she used which she could not have know had personal meaning to me. Her reading was a very special gift for me that will continue to be of great benefit to me in the future.

Lora I was profoundly moved by my Akashic Records consultation with you, Myla . You provided me with some very clear guidance about my life, and my path, that absolutely resonated with me. I am also so appreciative of the beautiful meditation you shared. It is powerfully transformative. Thank you, again, for your enthusiastic support, and for sharing with me the wisdom of the Records.


Oh my! What you said about my being a healing goddess of Atlantis got me thinking. I finally searched it. first thing I clicked on...my ears started ringing like crazy before the page even loaded, and when I scrolled down and read this one, my whole body vibrated. must be right, or I'm really close, but I think I'm right, its me. it says everything and includes all the stuff you told me about me being so connected with Mother Earth....and it explains why I'm so attracted to emeralds-not only b/c they are my birthstone! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!


My Akashic Record reading with Myla was profoundly personal, pertinent and uplifting. Every question and area of concern was thoroughly and compassionately covered, with wonderful suggestions and 'practical advice' that has proven invaluable. I am deeply Grateful for the experience


Myla is a gift for the searching journeyer. My experience about the beauty of the awesome reading I received from Myla was one of surprise first. Myla started the information part of the reading with a confirmation of thoughts and feelings I had told no one about. That “little voice of gut feelings and intuitive thoughts” had been talking to me for some time about a new adventure…and I sat and listened as Myla confirmed and validated this information. As I sank into the reading and information, I was very aware of the sense of clarity.

I experienced Myla as tapping into my records with an ability that is clean, kind and free of agendas, judgments or personal interpretation—not always an easy task. Myla thank you for sharing your gifts and I will be consulting you again!


Myla’s loving presence, exquisite attunement to spirit, her willingness to listen, and the directness and clarity with she delivers the messages – whether they are exactly what was hoped for, or something in an entirely new direction, are so valuable.  For me, it was part affirmation of what I already knew, and part a not so gentle push that I knew what I should do – just do it.  Yet both were what I needed.  Thanks, Myla, for being of such service!


I participated in an Akashic Records Reading with Myla some months ago and found the experience to be very enlightening, informative, validating and helpful. I was given a prayer to say for 31 days to help move myself and my ancestors along spiritually. It was beautiful and very helpful.

Thank you, Myla.

I had an hour Akashic session by phone with Myla. It was Awesome! Many things I was aware of, and she offered information I didn't request that has already happened to people in my family. It was pretty amazing. I want to do it again. She is very intuitive and articulate, so her messages are very clear. I recommend her work to others, absolutely.


My session with Myla was remarkable. Her insights and guidance about my relationships were very valuable. She truly has a gift.


Myla has a real talent for the Akashic records. I have benefited on several occasions from the information she has given me. I have also heard from other people that they felt they greatly benefited from their Akashic reading.



Dear Potential Client,
I have had the pleasure of knowing Myla for over a year now. She is an amazing gifted healer, teacher and therapist. Her work is evolving and growing into some wonderful places. She has started doing Akashic Record Readings and has an stupendous aptitude for this line of work.

She did a reading for me and was able to open my records with ease and come through with powerful information. She creates a supportive and loving environment. If you are interested in exploring what lies with in your own records, I can highly recommend Myla as the one to hold space for you and take you through this journey.


Myla has a wonderful gift for giving these readings! I feel like she saw deep into my soul and was able to help bring increased clarity and peace to some very difficult issues.


The Akashic Record Reading experience was a very calming experience. Calming in that it confirmed some thoughts and answered some questions that I had been having. The experience allowed me to let go of the worries and anxiety and move forward.


I would like to thank you, Myla, for the experience I had during an Akashic Record Reading and the peace that I have enjoyed since. I had turmoil in my heart about a rift in my family and my questions were concerned with whether or not I should try to heal this rift. After receiving answers to my questions I felt a peace come over me about this situation. Even though it has been several months hence that feeling of peace has continues and I have been able to maintain the distance from the situation that is healthiest for me.

Thank you very much for this healing...

The work that Myla did with me on my Akashic Records was truly wonderful, very helpful, and full of integrity and wisdom. Where I had been working with issues of gratitude and safety in spoonfuls, I was given tools to deal with them in shovelfuls; thus allowing me to remove negative Karma much more quickly and easily. I recommend these sessions with Myla Rosebaugh whole-heartedly!


The experience of having Myla do an Akashic Record Reading for me was very profound. I had not talked to Myla about myself before hand and some of the answers given to my questions where very personal and poignant. It definitely gave me some direction as to which paths to take at the time. I still have the prayer she gave to me hanging on my mirror.


I enjoyed my reading. It was very affirming and gave me much insight to many areas of my life. I felt I was given a sense of awareness for the direction I my life which is the most important thing for me right now.