Preparation                          Ask for Grace



Using an ancient sacred prayer your Akashic Records are accessed.  The prayer sets an energetic vibration to your specific name and carries with it for you God’s protection through the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of you. 


  1. Prepare questions in advance in areas of your life that you desire greater clarity or guidance.  This assists us into the appropriate areas of he Records so that your questions can be answered.

  2. Your consultations can be done in person or by phone.

  3. It is suggested to allow at least one hour for each consultation.

  4. You will find it helpful to use your heart feelings to evaluate the truth of the information both during or after your consultation.

  5. Refraining from the use of recreational drugs or alcohol for 24 hour before is best for your consultation. It can cloud the clarity of the information. Prescription drugs are OK.



Not sure what to ask or where to start, here are a few to get you started:

  1. What is blocking me from having a love relationship / vibrant health / friends/ money (whatever)?

  2. How can I improve my relationship with myself/ spouse / father/ mother/ sister/ brother/ boss/ coworkers?

  3. What did I come here to accomplish in relationship to my work/ marriage/ children/ health/ spiritual path?

  4. What did I bring into this lifetime to clear / resolve with my family / health / money?

  5. Are there any past lives with my spouse / father / mother/ sister/ brother/ boss that would be beneficial for me to know about at this time?  
    How can I express and expand my creativity?

  6. What else can I do to have my business be even more successful?


(512) 577-7152


30 minutes  $75
60 minutes $150
3-60 Minute Session Bundle
$375 (Prepaid)


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