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Long ago in a city far away (Mexico City) lived a man named Johnny Prochaska.  As he walked in a neighborhood he encountered an old woman in her doorway with a face that he remembered from his dreams he’d been having for 3 years.  She knew him immediately and told him about her people, the Old Ones, bringing ‘the knowledge of time’ that we now refer to as the Akashic Records, to earth from the far distant star pattern of Pleiades.  They wore dark blue clothing with a gold seven-pointed star emblem.  When the time ended of the Mayan Civilization to be here on earth, there were a few individuals left behind who still held the key to accessing these precious Records and keeping the knowledge in its purity.

Johnny was taken to an ancient temple where he made the choice to become their voice.  Through ceremony, he was given the sacred prayer.  Johnny had been chosen to teach the use of the sacred prayer, which would open the Records, and awaken all that sought this knowledge.

The prayer we use was translated from Mayan to Spanish and then to English.   Johnny returned to the United States and began teaching others how to access the Akashic Record for themselves and others.  In the 1970’s Johnny taught Mary Parker of west Texas.  Johnny returned to Mexico in the late 1970’s to live out the rest of his days.



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