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The Akashic Records are a blessing to us when we access them to assist us in our personal and spiritual growth.  This blessing is a palpable feeling most receive when asking their questions.  Your Angels, Masters, Teachers and Loved ones as well as the Akashic Record Keepers respond to you and to this wonderful prayer.  The Akashic Records are in a spiritual plane and their existence is very old.  In their design they are protected and sacred.  They are accessed through sacred prayer.  It is an honor and a privilege to be have this access to them.  It isn't given lightly.  

The more open and objective you can be the more pure the information and blessing you are open to receiving.  In other words your state of being, vibration, emotion, expectation, etc. all effect what you are able to attract and receive in your consultation.  

Your topic of concern can be approached from any number of directions.  So ask more questions to get more depth of information.  Also, don't be in a hurry.  Like a trickling stream more information can flow to you if you have that opening and patience.

Any topic is worth asking about.  Once your Angels, Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones know where you are coming from and what level of answer you desire it can be addressed.   Some question are about life on Earth, some are about life other places that have relevance to you now.  You may not always like the answers you receive.  Ask us to help you ask the best questions for your highest good before your session.  

These Akashic Records can be accessed every day or as often as you need answers for your spiritual growth.  This is a time of great opportunity for fast growth like no other.  Most of you are here now just for this very reason.  It is meant to be a boon - a boost to you.  

This work is very familiar to me as if I have always known the Akashic Records.  It comes easily to me and brings great blessings to all.  How does it get better than that?  I am here to be of service during this time of great change.

Bringing you the very best.

When one chooses to experience life as an independent soul there is a field of energy created to record every thought, word, action and emotion generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records.  Akashic comes from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning the energetic substance from which all life is formed. The Akashic Records have the past and present knowledge, experiences and expressions of the Soul’s journey from its inception forward into the now, and also the possibilities of its future unfolding. 

Your Records are opened with a sacred prayer bringing with it God / Spirit / Source’s protection through the Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones of you to you.  This can assist one to identify, release and nurture all we have created that is blocking our expression of life.  This helps us to realize our oneness with God / Spirit / Source.  We can learn to create action in our life instead of re-action.  We can find validation and insight into our options in front of us now.

Through the healing energy of the Akashic Records we can experience the freedom to choose grace in all things.   We can override the illusion we have created that we are separate from God / Spirit / Source.

If you want to add immensely to your spiritual growth, use this tool.   Ask for the highest good for all involved in any given situation.

In accessing the Akashic Records we can discover blocks to experiencing oneness with our Source.  We can grace in the healing energy of the Records. 

We can see why we have created habitual responses, addictive behaviors, repetitive relationships, through these records we can choose to grace in freedom from these type of behaviors that make us feel less than, or caught in the snare again.  We can grace in action into our lives rather than reaction.  That’s freedom.  That’s love. 

This is one of the most powerful tools on the planet today in assisting us to remember our oneness with God / Sprit / Source.  It is in releasing our old pains and wounds that frees us to manifest our magnificence. It is this time that each of us are remembering who we are.  It is through and about the heart in each one of us.  This is key in our unfolding.



Your Akashic Records can be accessed upon your permission either face to face or on the phone.  Areas for your life you may want to consider for your consultation are:

  1. Life purpose, life path

  2. Love Partnerships, uncovering blocks in attracting a love relationship; belief or behavior patters creating problems in your relationship now.

  3. Your souls journey – past lives that are directly related to this lifetime.

  4. Work – job changes, promotions, business ventures , creativity.

  5. Money – blocks to receiving money, worthiness of receiving money, valuing self and the work that you do.

My session with Myla was remarkable. Her insights and guidance about my relationships were very valuable. She truly has a gift.     

Kay, Austin, TX

Myla has a real talent for the Akashic records. I have benefited on several occasions from the information she has given me. I have also heard from other people that they felt they greatly benefited from their Akashic reading.

Cindy, Therapist, Austin, TX


(512) 577-7152


30 minutes  $75
60 minutes $150
3-60 Minute Session Bundle
$375 (Prepaid)


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Mother Theresa
by Linda Wootan Ellis

Falling weightlessly
Through the emptiness of nowhere
From the vastness of everywhere
A single drop of water
Slips unseen into the pool of life
A pearl of liquid love
Ripe with hope
Teeming with wonder
Her vibrant spirit stirs
A mere flicker of movement
One tiny rupture in the vast sea of humanity
No thunderous Tsunami
No white caps crashing on the shore
Only gentle, soothing ripples
Of boundless, constant calm
placid waves of purpose
Set forth on a journey of love
Embracing all who cross her wake.