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On the coast of the Carolinas I was born into this world as an inquisitive being and a seeker. As a child I was always seeking to understand the ways of the world, and why I was here. As an adolescent and teenager, I became disenchanted with the mechanical and cruel world I was witnessing. Attending Kent State at the time of the National Guard incident…I left to find deeper meaning in life. From there I moved to Phoenix, lived with family, then an ashram that changed my life forever.

I traveled the US on an intense spiritual process for 3-1/2 years, and landed in Austin. My journey let me on many encounters with other seekers and taught me to trust and have faith …. I’ve been described as both “intense” and “calming”. While I’m intense in my search for truth, I’m at peace with my purpose here on earth. I am here to bring light and love to the planet and all it’s living beings.

Myla has a wonderful gift for giving these readings! I feel like she saw deep into my soul and was able to help bring increased clarity and peace to some very difficult issues.

Laurel E., Musician 
Dripping Springs, Texas

“I am dedicated to assisting people remember their own inner divinity, power, creativity and truth. I love being of service.”


This is a link of an interview of Myla by Cindy Shelton on her website. Please click through to Akashic Records to listen.



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